Honoree 2015 – Rich Gomez

Congrats to Rich Gomez for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Rich Gomez

Nominating Organization:  OC Parks

Honoree Category:  Animals & Environment

Why Nominated:  Rich Gomez is a volunteer who is heartily vested in his community. He has made a name for himself as an OC Parks volunteer since moving to Trabucco Canyon in 2000; contributing in a variety of ways as he serves in O’Neill Regional Park. Rich is a very active member of the local Saddleback Canyon Riders ETI Corral 357, supporting the park to promote appropriate and safe equestrian use and activities. As the Emergency Response Team Coordinator, he works with county and private agencies to coordinate the evacuation of the large-animal population in the canyons to a park or private facilities in emergencies. Besides his day to day commitment to equestrians, Rich goes above and beyond offering more of himself. He is now working with park staff and outside specialists to plan updates and improvements to the arena to maintain an enjoyable safe environment for our well-used park facility. A familiar face at the annual Canyons Clean Up, Rich can be found each year, registering and assisting volunteers. He makes sure they have food and water after a day of hard work in the hot Sun. On trail work days Rich is there working hand-in-hand with other stakeholder groups repairing and restoring trails. This benefits all trail users. Rich is always enthusiastic, full of positive energy; he is greatly appreciated and highly thought of for his terrific communication and willingness to contribute to a good experience for everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Rich Gomez

  1. Rich, this is truly deserving recognition! You amaze me with the time you put into a variety of causes that all of us canyon-dwellers, equestrians, park users, and just overall lovers of nature benefit from. What I find truly remarkable, is the efficient use you make of everyone’s time- whether they are also volunteers, or administrators, or county officials. You always get right to the point, and you articulate positions so clearly that everyone can understand the issues at what is most important underlying them. You are a role model for me, and I hope to learn to make good use of my time and energy on all of these important causes that are near and dear to my heart as well. Way to go!

    James Iacono
    President- Saddleback canyon Riders

  2. Hi Rich,

    Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition and thank you for all your generous contributions of time and energy to O’Neill Regional Park and the community!

    Jennifer Naegele
    OC Parks

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