Honoree 2015 – Sue Lookman

Congrats to Sue Lookman for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Sue Lookman

Nominating Organization:  UnitedHealthcare

Honoree Category:  Health

Why Nominated:  When my daughter was in high school back in 2003, she started volunteering at the Second Harvest Food Bank. Her participation intrigued me and made me realize how fortunate my family is to have food on the table and a roof over our head. A feeling that has moved me so much that I began volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank nearly 15 years ago and I will continue to do so as long as I can,”” said Sue Lookman.
Sue Lookman is a solid UnitedHealthcare team leader who leads with conviction. She believes in what she is doing and she quite simply, just gets the job done. Sue’s unlimited energy is contagious as she often reaches out to inspire and recruit 20 to 25 UnitedHealthcare associates to volunteer at Second Harvest every fourth Thursday of the month. Although the task seems simple, together, they help sort potatoes, tomatoes or oranges from hundreds of big bins and place them in small bags, ready to give to feed a family of four.

“It’s inspiring to see the hundreds of huge bins filled with food and by the end of the night seeing them emptied into bags ready to give to the local families who are hungry,” said Sue Lookman. “I feel like I need to be there. I have abundance, and have everything I need. I just want to give back and help people and the community, especially the kids who are hungry and have nowhere to turn. Volunteering makes me grateful for what I have and I am grateful to UnitedHealthcare for encouraging all our associates to volunteer at this vital community program.”

Many of the volunteers Sue has inspired have been working at the food bank for at least 10 years and have become great friends and co-workers. They are thankful for the opportunity to be involved. “Sue’s valuable time and team building skills has produced immeasurable results for Second Harvest Food Bank and the community they serve,” said Alex Uhm, Chief Operating Officer, for UnitedHealthcare of California, and 2015 Co-Chair of the UnitedHealthcare of California Social Responsibility Committee. “Her commitment to helping the hungry is rewarding. It truly invigorates her to inspire others to get involved believing, they too, will share the commitment to help the community and feel rewarded.”

Sue is an exceptional employee who graciously gives her time and talent to improve the overall health and well-being of the people in the local community. She is a shining example of UnitedHealthcare’s mission to help people live healthier lives and the Spirit of Volunteerism. Her work is greatly appreciated.

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