Honoree Team 2015 – Called by Love Institute

Congrats to Called by Love Institute for being honored as an outstanding team of volunteers!

Team Name:  Called by Love Institute

Team Members:  Fabienne Meuleman, Marj Britt, Michael Ward, Kay Hultgren, Rebecca Beattie, Vanessa van Nieuwenhuysen, Nicolaas-John van Nieuwenhuysen, Karina Rindt, David Jonathan, Lisa and Ric Kolibar, Caroline Bush, Lizett Bond, John Robinson, Elizabeth Bruce-Kyle, Darrell Holdaway, Nevin Valentine, Debbie delaCuesta, Keren Clark, Harry Smith, JonClaud Pinto, and Coral Rose

Nominating Organization:  Called by Love Institute

Honoree Category:   Education

Why Nominated:  Since its creation in 2011, Called by Love has been run 100% by the dedication and resources of volunteers. Nobody has been paid. All of us came offering our gifts, time, resources and support as Selfless Service because we felt Called by Love and inspired by our mission. In addition to team members from OC listed on this page, we have volunteers in other counties, states and countries.

On August 20, 2014 we received the confirmation that Called by Love Institute received 501 (C) (3) status in the Internal Revenue Code.

Our Mission is to HARNESS THE POWER OF LOVE as a Revolutionary and Evolutionary FORCE In Healing Lives, Building Dreams, Realizing Purpose, Destiny, and Legacy, Connecting ordinary and Extra-ordinary people to their fullest potential, Bringing Awareness and Light into the world.

Called by Love Institute is a DOORWAY that exists to connect people to Love in its fullest potential. We live, teach, model, train, invite and initiate in the experience of a Campus of Consciousness.

We have done this through live monthly intensives for over three years in Orange County (http://calledbylove.com) as well as through a telesummit and telecourses (http://livinglovinglegacy.com) on the invisible platform of the worldwide web. More than 2100 people have registered.

Our top goal for this year, in addition to continuing with our in-person and online events, is to build a stronger platform on the internet for Called by Love Institute. We are in the process of building a three-year Teacher Certification curriculum and are also working on products that will include digital downloads, CD’s, DVD’s and videos, books, eBooks, iBooks and more.

Love is the underlying source of the most joyful experiences and sometimes also the most difficult. It calls us to act in the most trying times as well as in times of ease. We challenge ourselves to find the call of love in every moment of our lives. All we have offered to date has been done thanks to our amazing volunteers, all Called by Love. We are in deep Love and Gratitude!

Please write a note of congratulations below!


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