Honoree Team 2015 – Making a Difference

Congrats to Making a Difference for being honored as an outstanding team of volunteers!

Team Name:  Making a Difference

Team Members:  Celeste Rothstein, Rich Crafton, Allie Dulaney, Paul Diniakos, Linda Ellison, Jacqueline Song, Mike Dyakon, Connie Schueller, Joanne Ferris, Yasuko Furuya, Paula Banks, Ladelle Diniakos, Christine Rivera and Jennifer Craycraft

Nominating Organization:  Senn Delaney

Honoree Category:  Corporate

Why Nominated:  Senn Delaney has been active in community service since its incorporation in 1978; in 2009, they formed the Making a Difference team to focus the organization’s efforts on serving both local and global communities. Senn Delaney moved its headquarters to Huntington Beach in 2012 and has been active in Orange County community service efforts since that time.

In 2014, Making a Difference contacted OneOC with a desire to donate a work day at a Habitat for Humanity build site. As a result of that collaboration, 14 Senn Delaney teammates were sent to a site in Cypress in October to paint, dig, and haul materials to prepare five townhomes for move-in by local Habitat families.

In December, the team adopted a family for the holidays through Share Our Selves in Costa Mesa and raised over $1500 to fulfill all the family’s needs AND the items on their “wish lists”. In addition, we provided gift cards for a local supermarket and shoe store.

Through its internal awards process and other efforts, Senn Delaney has also provided significant monetary donations to local, national and global charities, including Share Our Selves, Children Today in Long Beach, The Wounded Warrior Project, The Jessie Rees Foundation (NEGU – Never Ever Give Up), Enlace’s Project Milagro, and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. We have also supported OneOC’s Spirit of Volunteerism for the last several years, and are proud to support it again in 2015!

Please write a note of congratulations below!


8 thoughts on “Honoree Team 2015 – Making a Difference

  1. Such an honor to work at Senn Delaney. I have to say that we put our community at the top of our priority list and do whatever we can to put ourselves out there and be a part of their lives. I’ve been here at SD for 20 years and feel great about coming to work every day.

  2. This team makes it so easy to participate in varied projects that benefit many individuals and organizations both in our community and in the world.

  3. The spirit of the folks on this team is something special. Their pride in the community and generosity of time and effort comes from a center of caring. I know, because working with them is such a gift- they offer support to their colleagues and clients in a similar spirited way. They are truly ‘Making a Difference’!

  4. Thanks everyone for you caring spirit and gracious generosity on behalf of Senn Delaney. You provided me and all of us who are non-California members of the SD Team with a great example, and represent the meaning of community and service!

  5. “The brightest stars shine are those who shine for the benefit of others”

    Congratulations for demonstrating how spirit, passion, purpose and action can lead to great results for helping others. I am proud to work among those who freely give so much of themselves to others. Your hearts are so limitless. Your possibilities are endless. Keep on trucking !!! 🙂

  6. Many thanks for your work supporting the community in such an unselfish way. You have indeed made a difference with your effort!

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