Honoree 2015 – Gloria Luna

Congrats to Gloria Luna for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Gloria Luna

Nominating Organization:  Mission Hospital Foundation

Honoree Category:  Health

Why Nominated:  Gloria Luna served in a leadership role on the 2014 Gala Committee, an event that net over $1.3 million for Mission Hospital. Her passion as a volunteer for Mission Hospital began years prior to the Gala when hearing inspiring stories from her friends regarding their volunteer experiences. After attending the first committee meeting, she clearly recognized the importance of helping and giving back.

Gloria is a leader whose enthusiasm and energetic spirit mobilized the Live Auction committee to far and exceed their goal. Not only in her leadership role on the committee, but as a community advocate, Gloria has an engaging personality that has cultivated new partnerships for Mission Hospital.

Devoting countless hours to spreading awareness and acting as an ambassador to her family, friends and colleagues speaks to Gloria’s passionate commitment. We are grateful for her leadership, vision and accomplishments this past year. Please join us in congratulating Gloria Luna on recognition at the 39th Annual Spirit of Volunteerism Awards.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


14 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Gloria Luna

  1. When I think of you Gloria, visions of someone so beautiful inside and out come into my consciousness. You are an avid learner and wonderful advocate for the causes you care about and that make our community thrive. Thank you for all you do in support of Mission Hospital. I look forward to working with you more this coming year. Congratulations on being honored for your Spirit of Volunteerism!

  2. Gloria, you are one of the most enthusiastic, hardworking people I know and so very deserving to receive this honor. Being able to work alongside you this past year I witnessed your true leadership ability, instilling passion in each and every person you touch. The record-breaking success of the Gala live auction is directly attributed to your time and talent. Your impact extends far beyond us here at Mission to the several other organizations which are recipients of your passionate involvement. You are truly one of a kind and it’s an honor to know you.

  3. Dearest Gloria, you are such a loving, loyal, and kind person. You give of yourself without asking anything in return. You make everyone you meet feel like they are special. Your enthusiasm is infectious and you view everything in life as “amazing!!!”. You far exceeded everyone’s already high expectations in your support last year of the Gala, not only in driving the tremendous success of the Live Auction, but in jumping in and helping every other committee to exceed its goals. You have created a passion for Mission Hospital across your many friends and you simply make volunteering fun. You deserve this award. Congratulations, MVP 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Gloria! You are truly one in a million! You personify the Spirit of Giving at Mission Hospital and it is truly an honor to have you support. You have a positive and cheerful spirit and a can-do attitude about everything you undertake and your enthusiasm translates to everything you do and to all those who are lucky enough to be around you. We are so fortunate to have you in our community and we would have to look far and wide to find a better volunteer anywhere. Your passion for life and for helping others makes you a great leader and influencer and I am proud to call you my friend! Thank you for all you do and again, congratulations!

  5. Gloria –

    It was such an honor to meet you at the recent Gala Appreciation dinner at Mission Hospital Laguna Beach. Your passion and dedication was inspiring! We are so grateful for your time, efforts and talent supporting Mission Hospital, the Gala and Behavioral Health. I look forward to getting to know you better and working together to improve the health of our communities.

    With gratitude!

  6. Gloria,

    CONGRATS to you on this well deserved honor! No question you contributed so much of your time, treasure and winning ideas in every area of this important fundraiser. It was such a pleasure working with you. South Orange County is blessed to have you giving back to our wonderful community.

    Thank you!

    Jane Reed

  7. Dear Gloria,

    Congratulations on this well deserved recognition.
    You are a shiny example of dedication and truly represent the “Spirit of Giving”. We are so fortunate to have in our community and sharing your time, talent and treasure.
    As always, I look forward to working with you.

    All the best to you and your family.


  8. Dearest Gloria,

    Many heartfelt congratulations to you on this well deserved honor. You are such an amazing woman with a tremendous heart, intelligence, grace and talent. It has been a gift getting to know you this past year. Thank you for all you do for Mission Hospital.

    Warm Regards,

    Cathy Collins

  9. Gloria has so clearly and selflessly devoted her time and energy and persuasive efforts to make the 2014 Holiday Gala for Mission Hospital the very best ever! Her dedication and hard work both as a leader and organizer as set a standard not to be exceeded! We are so fortunate to have someone so caring looking out for our Ministry.🌺

  10. Gloria, congratulations!! This couldn’t be more perfect. You are an incredible worker, giving of your time and talents, and we are so lucky to be on the receiving end of that! Thank you for having such a big heart and sharing it with me and the rest of this team! We are truly honored!

  11. Gloria your passion and dedication to Mission Hospital and everything you do is admirable and we are blessed to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing person. Congrats!

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