Honoree 2015 – Teresa Bell

Congrats to Teresa Bell for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Teresa Bell

Nominating Organization:  Mission Hospital Foundation

Honoree Category:  Health

Why Nominated:  Teresa has been involved with the Camino Health Center Auxiliary since 2010 and has devoted her talents in many ways including the Camino Fashion Show. In 2015, she volunteered to take on the responsibility of one of the most important and challenging roles, she volunteered to chair the Camino Fashion Show. This signature event is a major source of unrestricted funds for the Camino Health Center. Her dedication and passion for philanthropy helps Camino Health Center provide affordable, quality health care to the underserved in south Orange County.

Teresa is the epitome of a dedicated volunteer, and we greatly value her and her hard work. Understanding the importance of teamwork is what makes her a great leader as evidenced weekly while working with our volunteers to further the planning and execution of our largest fundraising event in support of Camino Health Center. Teresa is a selfless individual who truly understands our values of Dignity, Service, Excellence and Justice. She is a shining example of a valuable volunteer that deserves to be recognized and we are grateful for her dedication.

Mission Hospital Foundation is grateful for Teresa’s outstanding volunteer service! We are proud to honor her Spirit of Volunteerism!

Please write a note of congratulations below!


13 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Teresa Bell

  1. Congratulations Teresa! Thank you for your dedication and support of the foundation through your hard work with Camino!

  2. Teresa, congratulations! Your hard work and dedication make the Camino Fashion Show a world class event! Thank you!

  3. Teresa- You are an amazing woman with a strong level head and huge heart. Thank you for dedicating so much of your time and talents to Mission Hospital. Camino Health Center and Mission are so blessed to be the recipient of your heart and hands. You are appreciated!!

  4. Congratulations Teresa! It is truly a pleasure working with you and all the ladies in the CHCA. Thank you for the difference that you make in our community through your volunteer leadership. We are honored to recognize your Spirit of Giving!

  5. Congratulations Teresa ! I am so happy for you that you are receiving this recognition… You are such a dedicated volunteer and it is always a pleasure to work with you…you do an outstanding job in everything you undertake…all my best wishes to you !

  6. Teresa . . . I am so happy you are being recognized as an outstanding volunteer. All of your hard work and dedication make a tremendous impact on the vulnerable patients we serve at Camino Health Center. You have enriched many lives! Thank you so much!

  7. Teresa – It is exactly through members like you that Camino has been so successful. Thank you for your dedication and belief in what we do. Your support and all of your hard work has made a difference! Congratulations!!!

  8. Teresa-So deserved! Camino Health Center and the Auxiliary are truly proud of your involvement, commitment and dedication. We thank you for all do and contribute. You are a fabulous leader and volunteer!

  9. Teresa I couldn’t be happier for you. The time and dedication you put in for something you believe in shows how well deserved you are of this award. Camino and the Auxilary are lucky to have you.

  10. Congratulations Teresa! You are a testament to the “spirit of volunteerism” and have dedicated your time and talents to make our Camino event a success! You have spent tireless hours working with the Auxiliary and have demonstrated patience and commitment to our cause…thank you so much!

  11. It is a very well deserved award!! You have been such a dedicated and hardworking CHCA member. We all greatly appreciate you stepping up to Chair the Fashion Show this year. All your years of hard work has been inspirational. Thank you so much and Congratulations.

  12. Congratulations Teresa!
    Thank you for your remarkable support to Mission Hospital and Camino Health Center. Your dedication to serving the needs in our communities is extraordinary. Thank you so much for ALL you do!!!

  13. Many Congratulations Teresa! You have done so much to lead the fundraising efforts for Camino Health Center and your hardwork, creativity and ingenuity are evident in the beautiful fashion show and your years of hard work!

    Thank you!

    Cathy Collins

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