Honoree Team 2015 – Inaugural Volunteers

Congrats to Inaugural Volunteers for being honored as an outstanding team of volunteers!

Team Name:  Inaugural Volunteers

Team Members:  Maureen Ahrens, Jim Weiner, Marsha Fisher, Jane Klassen, Ron Johnson, Judy Johnson, Linda Hunter, Becky Valdez, Sharon Lencki, Tony Gomez, Bobby Dalton, Mike Waugh, Kim Higa, Judy Barnes, Mary Binning, Seda Sarkissian, Frank Reinmiller, Joe Brucato, Roger McBride, Leslie Bridges, and Chuck Horvath

Nominating Organization:  Bob Hope USO at John Wayne Airport

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  This wonderful group of dedicated people joined together as the inaugural volunteers who opened the Bob Hope USO Center at John Wayne Airports and serve our troops and their families as they travel through the county. In 2013 22,000 members of the military and their families traveled through John Wayne Airport and now there is a place where they can meet, rest, regroup, meet their loved ones, come home, or pass through in their work of serving our country and defending and preserving our way of life. There has not been a USO in Orange County since 1947.

Please write a note of congratulations below!

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