Honoree 2015 – Diane Killeen

Congrats to Diane Killeen for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Diane Killeen

Nominating Organization:  OneOC

Honoree Category:  Corporate

Why Nominated:  Diane Killeen of Disneyland Resort has dedicated her time and expertise to help OneOC launch its corporate initiatives. In its start-up, Diane served on the steering team of the Corporate Volunteer Council of Orange County and now serves as chair. Diane was instrumental in its winning Points of Light Corporate Volunteer Council Fast Start Award. Diane is OneOC’s 2015 Spirit of Volunteerism Awards co-chair and has brought her and her team’s valued experience, resources, and colleagues’ support to deliver an inspirational event. Diane continues to guide OneOC in growing our corporate programming, utilizing her corporate giving and employee volunteer engagement professional skills and experience. OneOC is so grateful to Diane for her energy and commitment to encourage companies to advance philanthropy in Orange County for a stronger quality of life for all.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


9 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Diane Killeen

  1. Diane, congratulations!

    When I was 10, you started carpooling to work with my mom (you were volunteering to protect the environment even when I was a young lad), and you’ve become a formative figure in my volunteering life, not to mention a friend, coach, and mentor, ever since.

    I credit you and Cheryl for taking a chance on an over-caffeinated kid one day long ago, inviting him to join something called the Disney Volunteer Leadership Committee…a decision that in turn sparked a love for volunteering that has stuck with me since.

    For years (and I mean YEARS) I’ve watched you give of your own personal time, hosting fundraisers for nonprofits focused on ending memory loss…to giving of your professional talent to build, shape and strengthen the incredible community outreach program known as the Disney Volunteers. You’ve driven AMAZING work in the community, championing the concept of social responsibility, leveraging your role and connections to strengthen Southern California’s nonprofit community…and then continued to give unselfishly in your own personal capacity.

    We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together (well, mostly you crying over Walk goals – which I still stand by as reasonable and achievable)…but even more, I’ve learned and have grown as an individual by observing the sophistication, poise, and professionalism that you employed to lead powerful teams of volunteers in their community efforts.

    You’ve given in many ways…but perhaps most importantly, you gave a chance to lead to hundreds of driven professionals… and then worked to shape their leadership, facilitation, and coordination skills with respect to volunteering…and when you think about it…that in turn resulted in hundreds of powerful volunteer leaders that have since continued on, doing great work in the community.

    A pretty powerful mark to have left.

    Congratulations on your award – so very, very, very well deserved.

    XOXO – Nathan

  2. It’s about time OneOC honors the woman who has honored and touched so many. Congratulations and thank you for all the years of Dreaming BIG, Leading KIND and Living STRONG…It’s truly a pleasure to serve with you 🙂

  3. Congrats Diane!!!
    Your positive energy and leadership skills are felt when you walk in the room. A huge THANK YOU for all you have done to help OneOC increase the reach and effectiveness of it’s programs. Together we make Orange County and beyond a better place to live, work, play and volunteer! It through wonderful people like yourself that the world becomes a better place for all. It’s wonderful working alongside you and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing all the wonderful stories people have of the great work you do. You’re awesome!

  4. Diane, thank you for sharing your many talents and skills with OneOC and the community at large. It is said that volunteers receive no pay, not because they are worthless, but rather because they are priceless! You truly are PRICELESS!! Thank you from the OneOC team!!

  5. Thank you Diane for all the amazing work you have done with OneOC. We are so grateful to have someone like you believing and supporting us. Thank you for also being a part of the movement in getting companies engaged.

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