Honoree Team 2015 – Keystone

Congrats to Keystone for being honored as an outstanding team of volunteers!

Team Name:  Keystone

Team Members:  Crystal Cisneros, Diana Gonzalez, Marco Ruiz, Jeffrey Perez, Gabriel Ramos, Carrera Vilaubi, Ismenen Rodriguez, Vincent Avelar, Alejandor Diaz, Steffani Castillo, Natasha Favela, Alejandra Flores, Edwin Ruiz, Eric Moreira, Jasmine Luna, Jazmine Troncoso, and Cameron Wilson

Nominating Organization:  Boys & Girls Clubs of La Habra

Honoree Category:  Education

Why Nominated:  Keystone is a teen leadership program that is offered at the Boys & Girls Clubs of La Habra. Keystone has three focus areas: academic success, career preparation and community service; which is practiced in and out of the club. This past year, our group of teens has been involved in countless education projects and they deserve to be honored for the following:

Keystone Club members had the opportunity to receive information about the process of applying to college and the various aspects needed to pursue different routes in college, like a university, state university, or community college, in a seminar coordinated by graduating Keystone members ending their Keystone and high school career. The graduating seniors had already gone through the process of applying and taking different steps in high school to get to college, so they coordinated a seminar to help younger Keystone members advancing in their education without direction or an idea about the process of applying to college. Keystone members that had already experienced the process wanted to spread their knowledge and facilitate the process for their fellow Keystone members. Topics discussed were: financial aid, scholarships, and types of institutions in higher education. Once a month, Keystone members visited a college and/or a university and were given tours of the campus.

Keystone implemented a program with the La Habra Family Resource Center by recruiting local teens, recommended by the local police station, utilizing Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s Smart Moves Prevention Program. Keystone collaborated with the resource center to help “teens at risk” by educating them on issues many teens face. Each week, Keystone would go to the resource center and meet with the teens. The sessions consist of discussions, lessons, and engaging activities. This program was designed to allow for teens to communicate about their own issues and be exposed to different environments, by gaining positive influence from our Keystone leaders.

Keystone instilled a new program called K-1 Reading. Each week a Keystone member is assigned the task of reading a children’s book to a group of Kindergarten and first graders. After reading the book aloud, the Keystone member chooses the best behaved child and gives them the book. The program is designed equally so that each child has the opportunity to keep a book.
One way that Keystone teens get in touch with their club is Mentor Mentees. Every two weeks members of Torch Club join up with members of Keystone to participate in different activities with a central idea or topic, where Keystone members serve as mentors. As older role models and peers, Keystone can teach Torch Club about various topics like bullying, personal hygiene, and being a leader. Being that Torch Club is a younger group of children, it is important for them to have something positive to look up to so Keystone tries to have that impact on them. The collaborative activities allow for the sharing of ideas and for personal growth for both the kids and teens.

Keystone members “Strive to Dive” and they learn about the different rules and regulations involved in driving. Teens looked at different signs and situations that they will encounter while driving and how to react in certain circumstances. The informative seminars provided for preparation and understanding of a vital skill needed in life, where teens were prepared with the curriculum needed to pass their driving and permit tests.
Each month a person from a certain profession visits the club to speak to members of the club and describe various aspects of their career. Professionals like police officers and firefighters have visited the club and spoken to the groups of children and teens. Keystone participates and attends the sessions, while listening to the duties of different careers and interacting by asking questions. The club members and Keystone Achievers enjoy exploring the different careers and considering different options for themselves.

In the pursuit of studying different careers with such a wide array of options, Keystone was given a sample of several different careers at Taco Bell Headquarters in Irvine, CA, through the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens. Five Keystone members were selected to participate in a two day camp at the Taco Bell Headquarters along other organizations. In the two day camp, Keystone learned about all of the different elements that go into the company, from producing their own Taco Bell product to marketing it, to operations, and to finances. Teens from many different organizations then had the chance to compete against each other by creating their own products for Taco Bell and presenting it to Taco Bell franchisees, taking into account all of the elements they learned. Camp Taco Bell was a prime example of some of the options teens can pursue. It gave Keystone an education experience, while exploring various careers in a professional setting.

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