Honoree Team 2015 – Soffa-Wong-Nassief-Simon Family

Congrats to Soffa-Wong-Nassief-Simon Family for being honored as an outstanding team of volunteers!

Team Name:  Soffa-Wong-Nassief-Simon Family

Team Members:  Carole Wong, Adele Soffa, Phil Nassief, Katie Nassief, Joyce Simon, Richard Simon, and Ed Wong

Nominating Organization:  FOCUS Orange County

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  The Soffa, Wong, Nassief and Simon families played an instrumental role in 200,000 homeless children in 30 cities receiving a brand new pair of shoes. They made available a warehouse they are in charge of where volunteers sorted a huge quantity of shoes by school district and school, ready for pick-up by the school districts, making the entire shoe distribution program possible. In Orange County alone, over 30,000 pairs of shoes were distributed to students who were homeless, under the federal McKinney Vento definition. The shoes, as part of a back to school program by FOCUS North America and its unit FOCUS Orange County helped the students in many ways, including in the students going to school at all, in their participating in athletics, in their having their feet protected, and in helping them not feel self-conscious with their fellow students because of having torn worn out non-fitting shoes.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


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