Tickets to the Awards Luncheon

Tickets for the 2015 Spirit of Volunteerism Awards Luncheon are now on sale!

Click Here to Purchase Tickets!

If you  have any questions, please contact Mike Ryu at
or (714) 953-5757 x133.


7 thoughts on “Tickets to the Awards Luncheon

  1. It has been an honor for our daughter Sara to be coached by Ed Reynolds. Ed continues to be a “life coach” to all of the children he has coached. Our family is thrilled that Ed has been nominated for the Spirit of Volunteerism Award! He is a selfless volunteer.

  2. i wanted to congratulate my old buddy sheree davis . it doesnt supprize me at all that youre a spirit volunteer you were always helpfull to the less fortunate.most of all i remember how special you were to me.youre just straight up beautiful girl

  3. Emma Zen would LOVE to attend but as could be expected she is at a three day event raising more awareness for pet safety!!! GO EMMA GO!!!

  4. Glenna,

    As always, you give 100% to all that you do and become involved with. How lucky are those wonderful animals to have your attention! Kudos & Congrats!!

    Martha & Kay

  5. Gretchen Knowlton – Inspiring! Congratulations…we are so proud of all that you to help others. We look forward to celebrating with you at the lunch. The Edwards Family

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